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Russian Space festival opens in Paris

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Russian Space festival opens in Paris


Photo: © Flickr/ Oisin Mulvihill

Saint-Petersburg Behind The Black River Theater is going to present three plays and a concert in Paris within the frames of Russian Space Festival, which will be held in Paris from April 24 to April 28. The festival is organized by The Union of Russian communities in Europe. One of the main events will be the anniversary concert of Novaia Avstralia group, which unites Russian, French and Belarusian musicians, Maxime &Co reports.

Russian Space Festival will be held for the fifteenth time this year. The actors of popular Saint-Petersburg theater Behind The Black River are going to present classical and modern plays during the event. It will start with Art, written by French playwright Yasmina Reza. It tells the story of three friends who got in a quarrel over a work by a famous artist.

The program will continue on April 25 with a Shattered monoplay on the verses of Joseph Brodsky. The action set in the form of a frank conversation with the public. Also, the Saint Petersburg theater will show A Date with Capricorn lyrical comedy based on a play by Alexander Galin. The play tells about a lonely woman who meets a shy astronomer by the will of fate.

The artists of the Behind The Black River Theater will also take part in the anniversary concert of Novaia Avstralia music band, timed to the 30th anniversary of the international group. The performance will take place on April 27th. Its guests will hear songs from Not Everything is So Bad program, played on accordion, harmonica and other musical instruments.

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