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Russian books presented at prestigious fair in Abu Dhabi

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Russian books presented at prestigious fair in Abu Dhabi



About 300 books by Russian authors in different languages ​​will be presented at Russian stand at the International Book Fair, which opens in the capital of the United Arab Emirates on April 24. Its guests will be able to see and purchase the books within a week. In the framework of the stand, presentations of publications, as well as lectures from Russian and foreign philologists, writers and translators will be held, Business Emirates reports. 

The books that Russia will present in Abu Dhabi are publications of Russian classics, as well as modern Russian writers, including those translated into various languages ​​of the world. On the opening day of the exhibition, an interpreter Khaba Abdulla M. Hassan will speak. Thanks to him, more than 50 Russian books can be read in Arabic. He will talk about the difficulties of translating Arabic philosophical literature into Russian. 

Russian writer, poet and critic Maria Galina will present her book Medvedki, translated into Arabic. She will also talk about the reflection of mythology and ethnography in modern Russian literature. 

The well-known Chechen writer Kanta Ibragimov will dwell on the position of Russian literature in North Caucasus, as well as comment on Caucasian motifs in the poems of Mikhail Lermontov. Within the framework of the Russian stand, a creative meeting with Kanta Ibragimov will take place. 

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