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Sony Pictures is interested in shooting movies in Russia

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Sony Pictures is interested in shooting movies in Russia



Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky has discussed the possibility of shooting movies in Russia with the management of one of the largest film companies, Sony Pictures Entertainment, the ministry reports on its website. 

Medinsky met the head of the film company, Tony Vinciquerra, in Moscow. 

According to the minister, the Russian authorities have launched a rebate program – they are going to partially remunerate the expenses of filmmakers. He recalled that the Russian nature, its landscapes and climate made it possible to shoot here all kinds of movies.

Medinsky promised to provide different types of rebates, which could reach twenty percent, and provide administrative assistance from the Ministry of Culture. The rebate program can be opened for filming movies in each specific location.

The visa issue was also discussed during the meeting. It is possible that foreign specialists who make movies in Russia will be liberated from the need to obtain a visa and a work permit.
 Medinsky stressed that Russian filmmakers were also interested in co-producing films with foreign studios.

Vinciquerra expressed interest in expanding the company’s business in our country.

Russkiy Mir reported earlier that filmmakers from fifty countries from all over the world would gather in Saint Petersburg at the beginning of autumn for the symposium of the International Association of Film Commissions.

According to experts, it can become the first step towards an increase in the number of shooting in Russia. It will, in its turn, positively affect the tourist flow into the country. 

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