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Photo credit: The opening ceremony of the Theater Olympiad will be held on June 15 in Saint Petersburg on the square near the Alexandrinsky Theater, which will become its main venue. The program of the Olympiad includes over 50 productions of Russian and foreign theaters from 21 countries. For the first time,...

16.06.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: More than 1,300 companies will become participants of the 6th China-Russia EXPO, which opens in Harbin on June 14 and will last six days. About 400 square meters will be occupied by the exposition of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which will be one of the main guests of the forum. A large...

14.06.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: Writer Sergei Plokhiy has won the London Pushkin House award for his book Chernobyl: The History of Tragedy, TASS reports. The award ceremony took place on the evening of June 12 in London. The book is based on the documents stored in archives. The author tells the story of the explosion at the...

14.06.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: Golden Mask Festival went to Israel, TASS reports. The local public will meet with Russian artists. Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Moscow Musical Theater and the Theater of Nations will perform in Tel Aviv on June 13-28.  According to the organizers,...

13.06.2019 Subject: Culture

Photo credit:  Exhibition of landscape paintings created in Somerset County by St. Petersburg artists opens today in Russian Cultural Center in London. Members of St. Petersburg Artists Union Yuri Vassiliev, Irina Eroshkina, Tatiana Lushnikova, Azata Galimova participate in exhibition. The entrance is free,...

11.06.2019 Subject: Culture


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New Publications

In the days of the latest anniversary of Saint Petersburg, the Russian émigré community respectfully remembers another significant yet unfairly forgotten Russian name. It is the name of Pyotr Alexeyevitch Dementyev, who was born on May 1, 1849 in Saint Petersburg on the Neva River and founded another St. Petersburg (or St. Pete, as it is called shortly) on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.
Special Assignment Pilots, a book by Anna Belorusova, a Russian writer, will be the basis for the exhibition in the British town of Bournemouth on the shore of the English Channel. The book tells about the Soviet air force of eagles and the Soviet-British cooperation during the World War II.
130 years ago Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, a legendary Russian aircraft designer, philosopher and visionary, was born. It was he who designed the very systems that are currently used, for example, in advanced helicopters of the presidents of the United States and Russia. Indeed, the legacy of the famous aircraft designer who created the world's first bomber, a four-engine aircraft and a single-rotor helicopter is our national pride.
The Artigianato e Palazzo Festival (Artisan crafts and Palace) was held in Florence over the weekend. The anniversary 25th edition has been devoted to charity fundraising for time-critical restoration and preservation of the great cultural and artistic legacy of Russian community that resided in Florence in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Tatiana Kazzi, a Russian artist, works on a project to combine paintings of Australian Aborigines with Gzhel and Khokhloma. A native of Kaliningrad has lived on the green continent for almost a quarter of a century; and she is one of a few foreign women who were granted the right to study art of the indigenous people of Australia by their descendants. Tatiana Kazzi plans to ornament Russian Matryoshka dolls with kangaroos, snakes, birds and other symbols of Australian aborigines. The artist told the Russkiy Mir that active work of the Russian community in recent years has facilitated popularity and awareness of Russian art in Australia.